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Best Surrogacy Clinic in India

Akanksha Hospital and Research Institutes motto promotes “ A journey of  a Patient to a Parent”, with advanced facilities like IVF, ICSI, IUI, IMSI, IVF with Surrogacy,Sperm and Oocyte cryopreservation , Embryo Cryopreservation, Sperm, Egg and Embryo Donation, Laser Assisted Hatching, PESA and TESA, world class facilities and Instruments for enhancing the success ratio.


Surrogacy is the form of Third party Reproducition. “Surrogacy”, means an arrangement in which a woman agrees to a pregnancy achieved through ART, in which neither of the gametes belong to her or her husband, with the intention to carry it to term and handover the child to the person or persons for whom she is acting as a surrogate.

       I.            Indications for Surrogacy includes:


      Women with absence of uterus

      Women with huge fibroids, severe adenomyosis

      Women with hysterectomy for various reasons

      Women who suffer repeated miscarriages

      Repeated IVF failure – due to nonreceptive uterus

      Women with certain medical conditions – severe heart disease, kidney disease

      Women for whom the prospect of carrying a baby to term is very remote

Single father


v Steps in Surrogacy


      Proper patient selection

      Source of surrogate (ART bank)

      Proper selection & screening of the surrogate

      Intensive counseling – the key factor

      Proper controlled ovarian stimulation and IVF technique

      Preparing the surrogate

      Synchronizing the cycles of the surrogate and the genetic mother

      Window period for embryo transfer

      Taking care of the legalities and financial contracts

      Transparency of the whole arrangement


We have been in the Surrogacy since 15 years and our first case was Asia’s First and World’s Fifth case of Grandmother Surrogacy. Since then the journey started and we are proud that Akanksha Hospital and Research institute has 1400 Surrogate babies delivered under one roof.

A unique Surrogacy centre which follow Proper ART guidines . The surrogate mothers are strictly selected among 25-25 years age, with proven histrory of atleast one Healthy child Birth, throughly screened for all infextions, physically, legally ans psychological fit individuals are properly counselled with all implications informed. They live in a special Accomodation in the hopsital itself where 24*7 they are monitored and all the requirements are taken care of. With prpoer diet and medication.

Moreover, Vocational training like Sewing, Knitting,  Art and Crafts, Beauty Parlour are been taught to the surrogates living in-house.

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Blossom Please can u give me the details of surrogacy and who can be my surrogate. Also the payments in relation to surrogacy. Thank u