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Female Infertility

Planning to conceive is an exciting time for many couples.

But, when the pregnancy tests keep on displaying negative results an as the months pass by, trying to conceive can be a stressfull time as couples realise they may be struggling with infertility.


What is Infertility?


Infertility can be defined as the unability to conceive naturally after one year of trying.

Furthermore, when  a woman gets pregnant but are unable to retain pregnancy is also one of the indication of Infertility:

It is to note that, Infertility doesn’t affect only woman. Both men and women can struggle with Infertility problems.


Causes of Female Infertility?


There are numerous causes of Female infertility

The most common are;

·        Ovulation problems

·        Damaged Fallopian Tube or Uterus

·        Problems with Cervix


·        Age is one of the most important factor to  consider while trying to concieve.

·        Excessive Smoking or Alcohol use

·        Steess

·        Being Overweight or Underweight

·        Sexually Transmittted Infections

·        A recent factor is spending a lot of time on devices and gadjets


Ovulation Disorder:


Ovulation Disorder is when a woman ovulates infrequently or not at all. Without successful ovulation, there are no eggs to fertilise.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

It is determined to be the most common cause of Infertility amongst woman and also one of the reasons in delayed or no ovualtion occurance.

It is associated with a lot of metabolism problems, insulin resistance, weight disorders, abnormal hair growth. 

Damage to the Fallopian Tube

Thisissue is usually the result of scarring. Also caused by a pelvic infection or STI or a history of an ectopic pregnancy or of surgeries such as an appendectomy or the removal of ovarian cysts can aslo be a factor. 


Premature Ovarian Failure


Also known as Poor Ovarian Insufficiency characterised by an autoimmune respnse or by premature loss of eggs from ovaries. This can be caused by family genetics or chemotherapy. 

Endometriosis :


It occurs when tissue that usually grows inside the uterus implants. Endometriosis can also affect the lining of the uterus, disrupting the implantation of the fertilised eggs. It can affect a woman’s ability to conceive naturally.


Hypothalamic Dysfucntion:


The most important hormones produced by the pituitary gland that is responsible for Stimulating Ovulation every month (FSH & LH) If a woman sufferes from excess physical or mental stress has avery high or low body weight. The hormones areimbalanced which has a impact on Ovulation.


Age and infertility:


As woman ages, her fertility declines: 

v The number of eggs are reduced

v Ovaries becomes less capable of realising eggs

v Additional health problems that can affect fertility.

v Higher chances of Miscarriages 

Unexplained Infertility:


At times, the causes of infertility is unexplined. There is no obvious cause of infertility. Consulting a doctor and getting appropriate tests might help you achieve pregnanacy.

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