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How to choose a Fertility Clinic?

  • 24 Apr 2019


Having a baby is an incredible experience for every couple, but not all couples are able to conceive naturally.

Dealing with a fertility challeneg can be frustrating in and off itself. Choosing the best fertility clinic doesn’t have to contribute to the stress and confusion.

Not all fertility clinics are the same and there is certainly a range of quality in the services. To help your research and decision, we have listed few points to look out for:


1.      Clinical Environment: Fertility treatment is a bumpy ride at the best of the times, a fertility clinic must be welcoming and calming place where you feel comfortable, confident and are being taken care and respected.

2.      Types of Services: Different ferility clinics offers various range of treatments but may only have a certain amount of experience. Therefore, you can start by determining the types of services you know you need to get started. Since there are a continuum of fertility treatments available, make sure the clinic and doctors you chose match your time and speed with their vailability and are in alignment with your personal and budgetry needs.

3.      Embryology Laboratory: With commandable breakthroughs in medical science, the chances of conception have also rose remarkably. Henceforth, the skills of embryologist and the quality of lab canhave a direct influence on the likelihood of success. Regular checks with your gynecologists regarding the potential embryology lab associated in the hospital is a must.

4.      Success Rate: One of the most important parameters to choose while researching the treatment. Success Rates hsould be thoroughly considered when clinics offer comprehensive treatments like IVF, ICSI, IUI and all other fertility enhancing therapy. Most of it is already mentioned on website omline. However, it is very essential to discuss in person as it may vary acccording to the procedure choosen and the age of the couple.

5.      Billing and Costs: An efficient fertility clinic will follow ethics and transperacy in the medical as well as financial process.
Ensure the clinics provide the clearity in the costs. The inclusion of the costs pre and post treamtent must to be informed in the conselling sesions. Also, to maintian patient confidentiality during treatment is an important aspect to be looked after.



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