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Dr. Nayana H. Patel

Dr. Nayana H. Patel

Medical Director

Surrogacy and Infertility Expert


28 year Experience



Dr. Nayana Patel is Medical Director of Akanksha Hospital and Research Institute, Anand, Gujarat, India. She has been practicing Obstetrics and Gynaecology, IVF specialist and Surrogacy for over three decades.

Dr. Patel had started IVF centre “Akanksha infertility and IVF Clinic” in small town of Gujarat in 1991, to give a helping hand with modern techniques to many infertile couples. Since then till now more than __ IVF babies are born by her treatment. She started treatment with surrogacy since 2003. The first surrogacy case of Dr. Patel was Asia’s first and world’s 5th case of surrogate grandmother. Her practice in field of IVF and surrogacy is well recognized globally.Despite of all criticisms on grounds of commercial surrogacy, Dr. Patel stood strong on her MOTTO “PATIENT TO PARENT” as she believes in WIN-WIN situation.

Dr. Patel has vast experience in her field, having been involved in the care and management of thousands of patients. She offers comprehensive services including pre-marital and prenatal counselling, infertility treatment, use of assisted reproductive technology, maternity and pregnancy care, normal and complicated deliveries, endoscopic, open gynaecological, Aesthetic Gynaecology, Urogynaecology surgeries. She is also an expert in taking care of high-risk pregnancies. In every case, she is committed to individualized, personal care and deploys the latest research and treatment methods so that each patient receives the most effective care, based on her specific health requirements.

Her patients’ abiding trust in her is reflected by the fact that she is now delivering the babies of many of the babies she delivered years ago!

  • Dr. Nayana Patel has passed her MBBS and MD with five gold medals. She has attended the scientific programme and IVF workshops at National University, Singapore in 1996. She has been to various IVF centres of USA, South Korea, UK etc. for training in the field of IVF technology.
Professional Experience
  • Medical Director at Sat. Kaival Hospital Pvt.Ltd. & Akansha Infertility and IVF Clinic, Anand, Gujarat-388001, India.
  • Honourable visiting Gynaecologist at S.P. University since 1991.
  • Asst. Prof at P.S. Medical College, Karamsad – 1987 – 90.
  • Asst. Prof. at M.P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar – 1986 – 87.
Sharing Experience & Expertise
  • Dr. Patel has delivered lectures on surrogacy and infertility in National and International conferences and owns publications in her field:
    • 1. Luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone synergy: A review of role in controlled ovarian hyper-stimulation. GottumukkalaAchyuta Rama Raju, Rahul Chavan, MamataDeenadayal, DevikaGunasheela, RohitGutgutia, GeethaHaripriya, MirudhubashiniGovindarajan, Nayana Hitesh Patel and AmeetShashikantPatki. J Hum Reprod Sci. 2013 Oct-Dec; 6(4): 227–234.
    • 2. The Role of Luteinizing Hormone Biology Essay. Dr. MamathaDeendayal, Dr. DevikaGunasheela, Dr. R. Gutgutia, DrGeetaHaripriya, DrMirudubhashini, Dr Nayana Patel, Dr Amit Patki, Dr Rahul Chavan, Dr GAA Ramaraju. Uni Assignment Sample
    • 3. Pitfalls in diagnosis of degenerative uterine leiomyomas: A case study. Nayana Patel, JayPrakash Shah, Niket Patel, NilofarSodagar. Indian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research 2016;3(1):83-85
    • 4. Impact of Embryo Co-Culture with Cumulus Cells on Pregnancy and Implantation Rate in Patients Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization Using Donor Oocytes. Indian Journal of Medical Research. (September, 2016) Ms. Harsha K. Bhadarka, Dr. Nayana H. Patel, Dr. Niket H. Patel, Dr. Molina Patel, Ms. Kruti B. Patel, Ms. Nilofar R. Sodagar, Dr. Jagdish S. Patel
    • 5. Embryo genome profiling by single-cell sequencing for successful preimplantation genetic diagnosis in a family harboring COL4A1 c.1537G>A; p.G513S mutation. Patel NH, Bhadarka HK, Patel KB, Vaniawala SN, Acharya A, Mukhopadhyaya P.N., Sodagar N. R. Journal of Human Reproductive Science 2016;9:200-6.
    • 6. Short communication: Regenerative medicine for infertility: what is known and what future holds? AAF Journal of Regenerative, Asthetic and Functional Medicine
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    • 11. A Cross Sectional study to see for various factors having influence on the choice of contraceptive use in females of different socioeconomic background. Indian Journal of Public Health (June, 2017).
    • 12. The genetic analysis of zinc transporter (ZnT) gene polymorphism and its association with the risk of preterm birth. HiteshkumarVashrambhai Patel, PhD, Jatin D Patel, PhD, Nayana H Patel, M.D. Gyneacology, Obset, IVF Specialist, Prashant D Kunjadia, PhD in Biochemistry, Gaurav S Dave, PhD in Biochemistry, Amit Mangrola, M.Phil Microbiology
    • 13. Acute kidney injury requiring dialysis in obstetric patients: management and clinical outcome in case series of 30 patients in a tertiary care centre. Molina U. Patel, YuvrajJadeja, Niket Patel, Nayana Patel, SmrutiVaishnav, HarshaBhadarka.
    • 14. Insight into different aspects of surrogacy practices. Review article. Journal of Human Reproductive Science, (June, 2017).
  • Communicated articles:
    • 1. Primary peritoneal pregnancy following two blastocyst transfer: Could deficiency of β-3 integrin in endometrium be a cause? Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences (Communicate: January, 2017, Revision: May, 2017)
  • Book Chapter: (Published)
    • 1. Medicolegal Aspects of Surrogacy. Nayana Patel, NilofarSodagar. AICOG Obstetrics &Gynecology Updates 2016. Jaypee publication.
    • 2. Role of Hysteroscopy before IVF, Hysteroscopy manual, AICOG 2017.
    • 3. Third Party Reproduction, AICOG 2017.
    • 4. Ovum and Embryo Donation: Frist or final choice for poor responders, ISAR 2018.
    • 5. Regenerative Medicine. Nayana Patel, NilofarSodagar. The Techniques of IVF, Made Easy®, 2017.
    • 6. “Managing Endometriosis – Oocyte donation and surrogacy for endometriosis”.
    • 7. Pregnancy in a case of Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome.Complicated cases in ART. Jaypee publication.
    • 8. Surrogacy.Chapter for the textbook on “Principles & Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology" Edition II. Jaypee publication.
    • 9. Book “Advances in Assisted Reproductive Technology “ Editor: Dr. Nayana Patel, Co-Editor: Sandro Esteves. Publisher: Jaypee Brothers
  • News Letter:
    • 1. Surrogacy: Medical, Social and Ethical Issues. Nayana Patel, NilofarSodagar.Advances in Assisted Reproductive Technologies with Emphasis on Medical, Technical, Ethical, Legal and Social Issues. ISSRF Newsletter (A publication of Indian Society for the study of Reproduction and Fertility, Issue 20, January, 2017
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  • Awarded by The Luminaries Doctors of Gujarat by DivyaBhaskar (2018)
  • Awarded by ShalinManavRatna Award in by Anupam Mission in (March 2017)
  • She is also Recently She has awarded with "Women Leadership and Excellence Award" by High Prince of Nigeria (March, 2017)
  • Awarded by GTU (Gujarat Technical University) for Delivering expert talk in International conference on Women in science & technology- creating sustainable career ( Jan,2016)
  • Awarded the “Jewels of Gujarat “ award ( 2016 )
  • Awarded by KIIT University for TED talk (2016)
  • Awarded by SCSICON,New Delhi for stem cell advances & their clinical applications (June,2016)
  • Awarded by ATG in Indian Medical Association on Third Party Reproduction and Art Guidelines (2016)
  • Awarded by Mahagujarat Medical Society for Recent Advances in Midwifery (March,2016)
  • Best of the Best IVF centre by IVF India ( 2013 - 2014 )
  • Awarded by International conference & Live workshop on ART & Endoscopy on Insight 12 Lite- Laparascopy& infertility Trending (May,2012)
  • Dr. Shobhnaben A. Shah Rotating Trophy [2006-07] by IMA Gujarat for best social work in Medical Practice.
Honor’s Felicitations & References
  • IMA Gujarat has awarded her with the “Dr. Shobhanaben A. Shah Rotating Trophy” for Year 2006 – 07 for best Social work by a medical practitioner.
  • The former Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shree. Narendra Modi had invited her to honour her at the district “Mahila Sammelan” on 27th July, at Ode.
  • Dr. Nayna Patel was selected as President of State Obst. & Gynaec society of Gujarat (SOGOG), for the year 2010.
  • Dr. Nayana Patel was felicitated by GCCI (Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry) on 8th March 2009 (Women’s Day) by Minister Mrs. Anandiben Patel.
  • Dr. Patel was invited in “Oprah Winfery Show” –9th October 2007.
  • Dr. Patel has also been invited at show HardTalk.
  • Dr. Patel has invited as a speaker in TEDTalk and JoshTalk.
  • Among numbers of documentaries featuring her work in surrogacy, the well-known are “Womb of the World” by National Geographic, “House of Surrogates” By BBC.
  • CNN, Star TV, Zee, Aaj Tak, NDTV etc. have shown her work. Dr. Patel was called for interview by Zee Sangini for Gujarat Day, where in 7 leading ladies of Gujarat were honoured along with Dr. Nayana Patel. Magazines like Abhiyan, Chitralekha, The week, India Today, Eve magazine – London, Maclean – Canada, Mariclaire – USA have published article on her work.
  • “Miss. Phul Gulabi”, a Gujarati two Act play has also been made on Dr. Nayna Patel and her work on surrogacy, written by Mr. Nausil Mehta and Directed by Mr. Vipul Shah.
  • She was featured in India’s first speaking coffee table book “Who is who” of Gujarat Industries. (2017)
  • She has also credit Asia’s FIRST & World’s FIFHT case of surrogate grandmother who delivered on 18/1/2004
  • Only 3D OT Private setup in Gujarat for minimal access surgery (MAS)
  • On 8th March a book written by Mr. KarshanBhadarka on Nayana Patel’s work- “Asha nu Antim Kiran” was launched English book “ The last hope of ray” was launched in July 2009.
  • Honoured WOW : World of Women Achievers on the occasion of Woman's Day for being the top in Healthcare.